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Rubysh is a new emerging brand of eco-sustainable fashion that takes advantage of the abundance of waste materials. By doing so, Rubysh has successfully recovered hundreds of kilograms of waste to be used as the replacement material for pieces of jewelry. It started with PET bottles and now we are going into exploring other wasted materials like HDPE packaging bottles. Despite their negative impact on the environment, we realized that waste materials are durable enough to be molded as charms and beads for our unique jewelry lines. During our production, we also employ women from marginalized communities near the dumpsite areas as part of our local women empowerment program. Therefore our scope of work extends beyond just bringing back waste into production chains but also providing job opportunities for people in need.

Rubysh is established to satisfy people’s need for a statement in what they wear.  Besides, by wearing our product you also have contributed to the women empowerment program. For every piece of art we have, we donate some of the revenue to provide basic health insurance and other necessities. Here we encourage you to join us in recycling waste you disposed of into a nice fashion item that you can show off to people around you. So keep cool with our product and give a lot of positive impacts on your society.