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Product Care

Metal Parts

We urge you not to apply caustic chemicals on this sensitive parts. Please store it in a dry environment to prevent it from corrosion. Please be aware as well that some of people have allergic reactions toward some plating substances, and you must keep this in mind when buying our products. We are not responsible for such allergic or health problems resulting from your decision to wear or use our products. Because the metal parts can tarnish over time when not worn, we suggest wearing your pieces often. When not worn, store in an air tight container.

Plastic Parts

Avoid fire and high temperature as we use recyclable plastics that are easy to burn. This also implies that you should store our product away from other potentially flammable materials.
Glass Parts

Our glass materials are fragile items, handle with extra care and protect them from falling or receiving a great amount of pressure. We would suggest you including an insurance service on your delivery. We will not be held responsible for damage during shipment.