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Responsible Consumption & Production


Rubysh management adopts the principles of the ‘best practicable environmental option’ in the handling of its residues from our activities. We will apply a ‘waste hierarchical approach’, to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover residues in preference to the disposal to landfill.


Where appropriate, we will  conduct a formal hazard identification and risk assessment for the chemicals use. We would also ensure that no toxic, noxious or offensive substance is irresponsibly discharged into the atmosphere, waterways or land.

Water and Energy Use

All members of Rubysh team will endeavor to use energy and water in the most efficient manner possible.  Each member is responsible for identifying areas of inefficient energy and water use and measures to remedy inefficiencies, and actively working towards eliminating inefficiencies in energy and water use. We shall also  provide informed choices to minimize the ecological footprint associated with energy and water, with a goal of continuous improvement and reduced operating costs.
Supply Chains

Rubysh management is committed to delivering significant ongoing value through an integrated and collaborative approach to utilization of positively-impactful women-powered supply chain practices. Our management will continue to encourage our key suppliers and assist them to implement gender empowerment eco-friendly programs. We will also consider the environmental impacts their gender performance when purchasing decisions are made.