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We step further by utilizing more enviromentally friendly materials not only for creating our products but also our packagings. The paper we used is seed recycle paper, so you can plant this paper and with a little attention and patience you may see a surprising result. We hope by enclosing this paper to your purchase, you will take care the packaging residues in a responsible manner and remember us when this plant grows as well as our brand.

Follow this simple instruction to plant this seedpaper: 1) put seedpaper on the top of soil. 2) moisten (put a little water) the seed paper. 3) bury the paper with a layer of soil with the 1,5 cm of thickness. 4) place in a sunny pot and keep it moist regularly by spraying water.Within 3-5 days the seed will start to sprout and will clealy visible when reaching 10-15 days. After that, more leaves will appears and ready to be harvested within 25-30 days. Thanks for purchasing our products and happy planting!

You may find this seedpaper in the following products and also many others