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Gender Equality


Rubysh management embraces equality of opportunity for all by affirming that we will take affirmative action to insure that all applicants receive fair consideration for employment regardless their gender, social and economic status. In addition, we would also strongly encourage women with disabilities or/and from poor families to join our workshop
Discrimination & Harassment

Gender-based discrimination, physical, sexual and mental harassment in the workplace are prohibited and will be taken seriously. Rubysh management protects the right to work on the basis of equality and requires our partners to also ensure the implementation of gender equality and measures to promote gender equality in recruitment, employment, training, working hours and rest periods, wages and other policies

Capacity Building

We commit to addressing barriers to equal access for all women and men to quality technical, vocational and tertiary education. We especially highlight that entrepreneurial learning, including through the engagement of role models and mentors, at all levels of education from an early age may help young employees to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option at a later stage.