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Ciliwung belongs to us and now needs our help. The lack of vegetation in the upstream is largely responsible for devastating floods during the rainy season and later drought during the dry season. So join with us by donating for helping us make the Ciliwung upstream “Green” again.

Make Hulu Ciliwung Green Again

by Rubysh

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Ciliwung, Indonesia


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Ciliwung is one of the longest rivers on Java Island, providing a very important role in our ecosystem and human well-being. However, Ciliwung is now under an imminent threat. The water catchment areas upstream (Hulu) are rapidly losing their ability to preserve incoming water due to the reduced vegetation. The impact is that the water flow increases during the rainy season, eroding soils and triggering sedimentation. On the other hand, when the rivers banks are over capacity, flood might occurs.  On the contrary during the dry season, no sufficient water supply coming from upstream and it leads to severe drought.

Planting trees is one of the solutions available we want to contribute to. Vegetation would facilitate rainwater to be stored on the ground. The groundwater becomes a useful water reservoir to prevent excessive water flow during heavy rainfall and sustain water availability during the following dry season. It is very crucial and we can not do this alone thus we would like to invite you to join us. Simply by helping us to raise funding to plant trees with WWF Indonesia. For a certain amount of donation, you would be entitled to receiving a special gift from us


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April, 2021

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