We never expected that so soon  we will make a post with the title Rubysh on TV. But that what happened. Started with a phone call from Metro TV, one of the famous TV channel in Indonesia, Rubysh was told that we are invited to be on TV. Without knowing so much about the TV show, we accepted their offer.

One very bright Sunday, we welcomed the TV crew who was a bit late because of the weekly traffic from Jakarta to Bandung. At that moment, we asked a lot questions about the TV program that we will be aired. Hearing that Andy F Noya, well known for one of the popular TV host in Indonesia, already made us excited. They informed us that we will be on a program called Big Circle, a TV program that broadcast phenomenal and inspiring stories.

Out jewelry makers also experienced the same excitement like us. It made our scene take very nervous yet fun. Since it is our first time, we were very curious about how people make and compile the whole takes into one single running scene. But we need to wait till the day of the studio scene where we will meet Andy F. Noya and the co-hosts (Amanda Zevanya).

The team from Bandung finally went to Jakarta to go to Metro TV and took some preparation. On the back stage, we then did rehearsal and met the guy, Andy F Noya. He is so nice and kind of warm person. Ok it began to take the record.

There was three of us from Rubysh, each gave the talk. During the tapping we also had a nice chit chat with Veronica Colondam (Sociopreneur) dan Danton Sihombing (Brand Consultant), very lovable people. In total, it took almost an hour to finish the shot, we were also told that it will be aired two weeks afterward.

The time came for us on TV, it was so amazing. Somehow, it was so ridiculous to see ourselves talking in TV, but hey Rubysh on TV, it is great, isn’t it?

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