When arts and waste combined together, you may see something ordinary will happen. That was with Artup Festival in Bandung. October 28-30 2018 where Rubysh was gladly participated. With the concept of Waste meets Arts, this event brought well notorious artists to create diorama and arts ornament from waste. Many people came especially young age, they enjoyed the foods, performance, exhibition and also seminars on waste up-cycling.

This event was very special because, many tremendous ideas were floored and received public attention. It was also foound some companies took a part in doing campaigns of proper waste handling. It was manifestation of their willingness to be partially responsible for the packaging or waste from their products. It was a very critical milestone and can become a very great example fro other company to follow.

Rubysh also met with other vendors some exchanged some experiences. It was so thrilled to talk with them and share each other stories. Though, it was rainy days, we really enjoyed the festival and look forward to see them again next year.

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